What is GXP ?

Guided Conscious Program (GXP) is complete suite for self performance tracking and analytics.
GXP is a audiovisual (re-) programming, goal setting, habit tracking, 180 degree self performance tracking, metric tracking, learning tool, task list, to-do list, task/project planner and much more...

Associate Photos

Visualize your goals, tasks, habits, or anything with pictures

Associate Voice

Hear your goals, habits, tasks or anything with your own voice recordings

Associate Text

Associate text notes to your goals, habits, tasks or anything.

Associate Tags

Group your programs, tasks, goals, habits, metrics with tags

View 180° Self Performance & Metric Reports

View 180° self performance, metric performance and task completion in various charts by tags and duration. (Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 1 year & Lifetime)

Customize App Use

Customize application use as you see fit. Examples: Use as a Journal/ Diary, Grocery List, Learning tool (to learn new language) etc.,

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